About the Society

As India's first student run FinTech society, we proudly introduce ourselves as a group of curious individuals who are simply trying to expand their perspective on an exciting and upcoming domain!

Our agenda is two-fold. On an interaction based side, we plan on conducting events led by academics and industry experts to disseminate knowledge among anyone who is interested in the field. Simultaneously, we will be conducting primary research on the latest trends in FinTech, which will be made available to a larger audience via newsletters, podcasts and this blog.

We welcome all opportunities to collaborate with FinTech clubs from other universities, as well as companies in the FinTech sector. To know more, drop us a line and we'll get in touch!

Meet The Team

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Prince Dhaka

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Ishaan Gvalani

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Tanish Bafna

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Yuvaan Thakur

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Joevin Chakkalakkal

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